Supercharge your Recruiting.

Leverage the power of predictive analytics & machine learning technology.

Human resource professionals and talent recruiters lose hours each day performing research to find the best candidates to fill their open positions. TalentHutt, a new software tool that leverages predictive analytics and machine learning technology, vastly improves both recruiter productivity and the quality of the candidates throughout this process.

TalentHutt was developed to assist John Cage and his team at John Cage Enterprises as they worked to recruit employees for various clients. Cage worked with St. Louis-based software development firm Positronic to develop a platform that would assist the company’s recruiters in both their research and decision making processes.

In order to streamline recruiter research time, the platform was designed to scout the internet and various jobs databases to find potential talent to fill open roles. In many cases, this reduces the research process per candidate from minutes to milliseconds.

TalentHutt provides recruiters with a pool of qualified job candidates along with a data-rich profile and contact information for those candidates. TalentHutt then assists recruiters in determining which candidates would be the best fit for an open position.